FaceBook, Smart Phones, and Fishing

Published August 31, 2012 by Diana

I’m not an expert with social networking, but I have a Facebook account to connect with people I’m closest to, and I have a blog to connect with folks on the web.  To my husband, a social network means a company picnic and his face on a billboard… I never expected there’d come a day when he’d be schooled.

When he returned from fishing, horns tooting and “Whoopie!” shouting, Marie and my husband flaunted their prizes and took pictures with their phones.

“Baby Beth, hold this up so I can take your picture,” Marie told her daughter.

“I don’t wanna.  It’s icky,” Baby Beth said.

“Oh, common.  I’ll help you,” said my husband.

Snap. Snap. Snap.

After taking several “good ones” with their smart phones, my husband and daughter compared their catches.

“I’m posting my shots on Facebook,” Marie declared, deftly tapping her phone.  Within seconds, the picture of Baby Beth’s grimace holding an icky fish was shared with the world.

Marie hopped to the computer and logged in. “Mom, come look.”

“Oh, Lordy!” On the nineteen inch monitor flashed a picture of my granddaughter struggling with a  dead 4lb. bass.  At this very moment, our entire family could see them on Facebook.  Ah…the wonders of the modern world.

“These are great. How can I print these out?” my husband asked, looking over my shoulder.  My dear husband, bless his heart, does not know how to use the features on his smart phone.  Marie, bless her heart, did not want to teach him how people pass around pictures nowadays.

“You need a Facebook account, Dad.  I’ll set one up, if you want…”

He sighed, shook his head, and left.  It was not his thing.

Marie and I seized the moment to introduce him to social media and all its glorious splendor. While he was outside cleaning the fish, Marie and I zip-lined him to the twenty-first century.  We opened a Facebook account for him, uploaded his pictures (a profile, too!), and sent “friend” requests.

After dinner, Marie braved a Facebook demonstration on his smart phone.  She had synced his accounts and showed him how to upload pictures and access his email.

During her lesson, he held his breath and concentrated.  Yes! He’s taking it in, I thought. Within minutes, his eyes glazed.  He blinked repeatedly.  Oh, no.  Marie had overloaded his microchips. The program is not responding.  Do we wait or end program now?  We waited.

It worked!  We squealed as he accessed Facebook and patted him on the back as he opened his picture files.  I can’t say he was delighted, but he grinned at our enthusiasm.

The next day, he slammed his phone on the table. “I hate Facebook.”


“My phone’s been vibrating all day. People keep leaving messages wanting to be “friends” on Facebook.  I’m too busy for that crap.”

I took his phone and tapped off  the notifications. Poor guy.  He’ll still catch fish, but he won’t be using the networks of the twenty-first century.


Have a great weekend. And thanks for stopping by!

29 comments on “FaceBook, Smart Phones, and Fishing

  • LOL – great post! I’m not a Facebooker either, but that is by choice. I also went the Linkedin route just to keep in touch w/ professional contacts. It doesn’t feel as needy as Facebook.

    You know, I still make prints of my digital photos from vacation through Walgreens. Even though everyone posts pics all over social networking these days, sometimes it is still nice to have those physical mementos in your possession.

    • Me too! I love making scrapbooks and photo albums.

      One of my friends (who doesn’t do Facebook) has a key chain that flashes pictures of her granddaughter. Those digital pictures tag along wherever she goes.

      When my mother visits, she brings real pictures. You are absolutely right. There is a joy to sharing memories the old fashioned way.
      Thanks for your comment, Nicole.

  • I rarely do more than chuckle, but laughed loud enough for our pet guinea pig to start squeaking with me. What a great story!

    And this…
    “Did you ever play gossip when you were a kid? A whisper is passed around in a circle and the last person gives voice to the whisper. In the end the whisper has invariably changed. With Facebook, the whisper stays the same.”
    …is brilliant.

  • This was a funny story! I’ve never been on Facebook and I intend to keep it that way. I did have to laugh at his annoyance over the ‘friend’ notifications. It’s rough to be popular, isn’t it? 😆

    I have a smart phone, and it is smarter than me. So, unless someone else uses it, the thing won’t be challenged to its limits.

    • Did you ever play gossip when you were a kid? A whisper is passed around in a circle and the last person gives voice to the whisper. In the end the whisper has invariably changed. With Facebook, the whisper stays the same.

      There are advantages to Facebook, but not everyone can feel the love.

      As for smart phones, I remember when phones acted like phones. The minute they got smart with me I let ’em have it. I’ll never own one.

      Technology. Today we have a choice as to what we will allow in our lives.

      Jannat, thanks so much for your comment and giving me something to think about.

  • This made me laugh out loud; I’ve avoided a smart phone because I don’t want to feel too overwhelmed. But my daughter has Instagram, and I would love to participate in that someday.

    • Anna, I’m with you on the smart phone. I know I may be missing out, but an instant message is no substitute for a thoughtful letter.

      It took me several months to learn the features on my lab top; I would never spend that much time on the phone.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • I know. My brothers and sisters live all over the globe. We stay connected using Facebook. I would have no use for it otherwise.
      I wonder how many people feel the same. Thanks for your comment, Robin. Enjoy your weekend.

  • Just take the phone link off and then he won’t be bothered unless he wants to be! I refuse to have my phone whistling at me with tweets all the time. I can get on to it, but it can’t get on to me. If you see what I mean. 🙂

  • My father would probably agree with your husband. When my sister wanted a computer all for herself, my Dad asked her what is that for. She replied, ‘for Facebook’. He asked back, ‘What kind of a book is that? Where do you get it?’
    😀 😀

  • I’m with your husband, I hate Facebook. And if I had my druthers, I would have a dumb phone. It might even have a dial, rather than buttons. I’m not interested in doing anything on it other than for emergency calls, and I hope that never happens.

    And now I’m going to put aside my computers and tablets and electronic devices, and fill a fountain pen with ink. 😀

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