Who am I?

No, it’s not a riddle.  I’m a writer and a teacher.  I post about writing and the writing life as often as I can.  Writing in a community is always better than writing alone.  I don’t pretend to be an expert at writing; I simply enjoy it.  I hope you have fun reading my blog because that’s my goal.

I believe the  joy of writing should be shared.  What could be more fun than sharing stories from across the realm?  Share your stories by posting  comments on any post you like.

Thanks for visiting!  And do come back.

74 comments on “Who am I?

  • Hi there, Ms. Nine – it’s been a long while and just wanted to touch base. I was in the Durham writer’s group where we met for a hot minute ages and ages ago (though I moved to Georgia shortly after so that was probably the first and only face to face time). Hope all is going well!

    • Thank-you so much! I’m honored. You and I have been blogging for about the same amount of time. Your blog is well-developed with lots of interesting content.
      Again, thanks so much. I appreciate your comment and the nomination.

  • I’ve enjoyed gadding about your blog, and am looking forward to reading more! Thank you for the like on my dishes post 🙂 I, too, am a teacher and a writer. I don’t pretend to be good at writing, but I ROCK at the teaching gig 🙂

  • Thank you for visiting my blog site and for liking one of my new posts. I am very glad about your visit for it gave me the opportunity to get to know your work. (And: we have two things in common – teaching and writing.) All the best!

  • Thanks for popping over to The Teenage Jane Austen! it’s something I appreciate as a young writer trying to discover her audience 🙂 I hope you enjoy my posts in the future x

  • first off, thanks for liking my recent post! Still new around here, so it’s nice to know that someone’s reading.

    Second, I completely agree with what you said here. Why write other than to share the beauty of language?

  • Thanks for “liking” my recent post. I am always wishing for more time to explore writing options and enjoy linking up with others of the same persuasion. We all appreciate creativity and yearn for more. Thanks for being here to inspire us!

  • I appreciate the fact that you say you are no good at it either. Me too !! Glad to meet you and thank you for liking my post. I will follow your blog You should go back and read two of my posts. One is the Day I Almost Died Laughing and the Crazy Old Woman post. If you like to laugh I think you will like them.

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