Why write?

Published July 26, 2012 by Diana

I would never post anything my kids shouldn’t read. In fact, my writer’s soul wants them to read my posts. I want to share my words with them like I did every day when they were little.  My daughters live close by and we talk often on the phone. But my blog posts, especially the stories about them, are special memories set to the speed of light. Yeah, kind of mystical and magical…

“Felda, did you read my blog today?”

She chortles. “I didn’t have time today, sorry.”

“Audra, what did you think of my post today?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t read it. Yet. I’ll read it later. I promise.”

“Heidi, did you like my post?”

“What post?”

I shrug off their indifference and stop asking.  It doesn’t matter whether they read it or not, the story is alive on the web.  I’ve not used their real names, but they’ll recognize themselves nonetheless. And they will read those posts eventually….

Today, my phone rings.

“Mom, I called to tell you I laughed when I read your blog story.”

How cool is that! I get to make them laugh and they call me to let me know.

I hope everyone has found a way to keep those family stories alive.

17 comments on “ Why write?

  • I’ve actually thought this many times; or, at least something similar. I’ve always been a writer, but I’ve not always shared my work. Though I have begun blogging, which is in a way sharing my writing with others, I still tend to keep erotica and other short stories hidden.

    It’s nice to know that your children support you. Life can be hectic, but even during the busy times they’re still able to make it a point to let you know that you once again brought a smile to their face. Enjoyed.

    • Erotica, soft porn, and the like, is not something I would write. For one thing, I would suck at it.
      Like you, I like gentle humor, poetic elements, life stories. So that’s what I write on my blog.
      By sharing these stories on my blog, I hope to make them memorable.
      I so much enjoy reading your comments and your posts.

      • Well, my family and a few close friends have known for years that I got into scribbling erotica at a young age. The fantasy and fiction that I’ve written since broadening my writing genres, though I may share a page of, I haven’t offered to anyone in whole.

        It’s nice to know that people care about one another. Many smiles during your wonderful blog entries as well as a ‘Thank you’ for once again bringing a smile to my face. I cannot and will not forget, ‘You’re welcome.’

  • I’m a little afraid to ask if it is the pinky post that caused the laughter… 🙂 (I read that one with my fingers carefully tucked, and my eyes barely open. And I went back to comment a couple of times, and just… couldn’t.)

    • It’s satisfying when your children have finally read your blog, especially if you’ve written about them.
      A little comment makes all the difference.
      Thanks so much for yours.

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